Artist FAQ

Cushbu Art is an online art gallery that facilitates artists to upload their artworks and allows collectors to choose their favorites.

Anyone can join Cushbu Art. Artists and Photographers can upload their artworks to the site.

Physical galleries are not always easily accessible by the artists as well as to the art collectors. Also there won’t be physical galleries in all towns. Many galleries won’t have enough space to occupy all artworks. Cushbu Art will provide a virtual space which can accommodate unlimited number of artworks. The site is accessible by anyone at any time.

It is a simple platform where the artist can upload their artworks and facilitates easier sale. Collectors can choose their favorites where the shipping and transportation will be done in expedition speed.

You don’t have to pay anything. Artists will get space for free cost.

We do sell originals and prints in Cushbu Art. What you want to sell is entirely belongs to you. If you are ready to sell your originals, then we will give that option.

No. You are not ought to do that. Once an order for the print occurs, we will take the print of your artwork and will send the same.

For the sale of Originals the artists will get 100% of the selling price. In the case of prints, the artist will get 50% of selling price.

Artist should fill all the details regarding the artwork. Please do not allow any fields to be blank. Use the perfect title and description tags.

Cushbu Art is completely automated where the full records are transparent to the artists. The details regarding each sale will be notified to the artist at time.