How it Works

How Cushbu Art works?

Cushbu Art is an online art gallery having a motto of making the art more popular among everyone. The portal is completely automated where anyone can join. The company is creating a better platform to connect artists and collectors by simpler ways. Artists can sign up for free in the site. By signing up they are creating their own personalized space that will showcase all their artworks. At the time of upload, the artist should fill all the details regarding the artwork and artist. The approval will be done by the company side by examining the details. After that, the artwork will be exhibited in the website. The Collectors can get into the site and can browse for the artworks according to the categories. They can add their favorites to the cart and proceed for the shopping. It is up to the artist to decide whether the originals or a print of the artwork is to be prepared for sale.

If the collector is choosing the original artwork, then the company will be taking the shipping procedure. The collector will be getting the artwork in expedition speed. The artist will be getting 100% of the selling price once an original is sold out. If the collector is choosing the prints, then the company will be making the print in their own warehouse. After that it will be taken to the shipping procedure. It will also take up to two days to reach the collector. In the case of commission, the company will be taking 50% of money that is assigned to the print.

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Sign Up to Cushbu Art for free and get into the magical world of art. Follow the simple steps using your personal details and get the exclusive feed.

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Upload your artworks to Cushbu Art with ease and prepare the best way to get it into the hands of the perfect people. We can coordinate together to fulfill the motto, 'Art for all'.

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Let the world know your artworks and give them the chance to grab the same. May you get the rewards in place of your hard-work and dedication. Let's start earning money through Cushbu Art.

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