Return Policy

Cushbu Art’s Return Policy for original artwork

Please read our original artwork return policy carefully before reading “How to return an original artwork” which is given below.

Buyer Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the package is opened in front of the courier and confirm that the product is not a damaged one.

  • If the artwork is damaged, the buyer shall inform the Cushbu Art support staff ( Unless the artwork is identified and updated as a damaged product, return of the same shall not be authorized by the site.

  • The buyer shall make a request for the return for the artwork, before it is framed (where the artwork is delivered without a frame).

  • The collector/buyer shall be responsible for the repacking of the returned product.

Return policy of original artwork

The following general return policies are applicable to all artworks sold on Cushbu Art. The buyers shall have seven days to decide whether they wish to return the work in its original condition for a refund or to keep the work.

If the buyer/collector decides to return the artwork, then they shall inform Cushbu Art of such decision and request authorization of return. Once the return is authorized, the buyer/collector shall within three days ship the artwork to _________________.

The buyer/collector, if not satisfied with the artwork purchased from the Cushbu Art shall:

  • Contact Cushbu Art within seven days about his/her decision to return the work.

  • Do not ship the artwork before contacting Cushbu Art. The buyer/collector can initiate return of the artwork from the day you contacted us.

If the buyer/collector fails to inform Cushbu Art of their intention to return the artwork within seven days from date of delivery, then the artwork shall not be deemed eligible for the return and refund. Furthermore, if the buyer/collector despite contacting Cushbu Art, fail to dispatch the artwork within three days, then the buyer/collector shall be deemed ineligible for the refund.

The buyer/collector shall be allowed an exception in case of a genuine emergency or inability to dispatcht he artwork within the specified time-period, however they shall communicate their reasons for the same to Cushbu Art. The exemption shall be at the discretion of Cushbu Art after they consider the specific situation.

Guidelines to return an original, undamaged artwork

  • 1 st Step: The buyer/collector shall contact the Cushbu Art support team and provide them with the order information and the reason for returning the artwork which had been purchased through Cushbu Art.

  • 2 nd Step: The buyer/collector shall repack the artwork using the original packing cover which was used by the artist to transport the artwork. If the buyer/collector have already disposed of the original packing, then they shall be responsible for purchasing the required materials to safely pack the artwork in accordance with Cushbu Packaging Guidelines and, send the artwork back safely to the artist. As is required the buyer/collector shall follow the guidelines for packaging the original artworks.

  • Step: To complete the return process fully, you have to email

When the artwork has been safely delivered to the artist, the money shall be refunded to the buyers/collectors original source of payment in same currency and the same exchange rate as the original order within seven to ten business days.

Extra shipping fee may be charged for international shipping

  • Things to do if the artwork arrives damaged
    • Cover the artwork with at least two layers of bubble wrap and secure it with tape. The covering of bubble wrap will absorb any pressure and force across wide area in an even manner and diminish chances of damage.

    • Bubble wrapping does dual jobs it act as the padding and filler for your artwork android prevents the unnecessary movements inside the package.

  • High quality plastic tape dispenser Use only high quality plastic tapes regularly.
    • 1 st Step: The buyer/collector shall within seven days contact Cushbu Art for order confirmation.

    • 2 nd Step: The buyer/collector shall save the original packing in which the artwork arrived.

    • 3 rd Step: The buyer/collector shall capture images of damaged artworks, making sure that all sides/angles of the artwork is visible. The damaged part of the artwork shall be required to be clearly captured.

    • 4 th Step: The buyer/collector shall wait for a Cushbu art’s representative for further instructions.